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The Greensboro Chuck Norris

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Will Stewart

Will looks like a modern day Jesus with his beard and long hair, but carries himself like Chuck Norris – like Chuck Norris, Will doesn’t read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants. Will’s middle initial is DIY and he’d be ok with a foot of water in the house as long as he didn’t have to call a plumber. This is all quite intimidating as his brother-in-law as I have a Task Rabbit on speed dial and the only thing close to an F-150 I’ve ever owned was an F-15 lacrosse stick. To top that off, Will runs a solar company Green State Power with his wife Carrie and started a custom home construction business with his brother Grainger. Will and Carrie, UNC grads and high school sweethearts, have 3 kids that I am constantly ‘corrupting’ into UVA fans, not an easy task after this season….Lastly, I’m pretty jealous that Will had the foresight to get on the waitlist for a Rivian electric trucks a few years back and takes delivery of his truck this week. Something tells me he might be the first person outside of California to get one, just don’t let Chuck Norris see you driving something non-diesel ….


Will's 6 Recommendations in 6 Minutes

Written in his own words; mine in green

📺 What to Watch: Succession Got sucked in. Characters are really compelling Kieran Culkin and Brian Cox are really good 🛒 Consumer Product: Leatherman This one is easy for me. It has been a EDC (everyday carry) for me since I was in high school. 📞 Phone App or Digital Product: Headspace I especially use the sleep and kids meditations now. The kids like doing them and they do a really good job of calming down the kids when they are upset. 👍 Habit You Are Proud Of or Habit That You Are Working On: Keeping house and truck clean Kids especially bring home a huge amount of trash and without daily effort it accumulates very fast.... everywhere. 📜 Content: Think Again, Book by Adam Grant A quick read that helped me understand how we develop and get entrenched in opinions. 🥉 Honorable Mention or Recommendation that Defies the Above Categorization: Android Phone RB: Imagine my shock and my disgust when I found out that I had married into an Android phone family. Everyone, my mother and father-in-law, my two brothers-in-law and their wives, all die-hard android users! Thank God my wife is the black sheep of the family and has an iPhone. -- Thank you Will! Know anyone else who might be good to profile? Shoot me a note

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