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A Few Years Younger, A Few Times Cooler

Six recommendations in 6 minutes

Teddy Garner

Private Equity Associate HIG Capital

A lot of you know Charlotte Pipe but do you know the Charlotte pipeline? The line that runs through Charlotte, Woodberry Forest and UVA? It is cluttered with Cole Haans and irrational confidence, but every once in a while something good flow out of it like Teddy Garner. I’ve gotten to know Teddy well in the past few years given our shared background but also because I think he’s a very genuine and interesting guy. He is much cooler than I was at his age, compounded by his skills as a great golfer and skier. Teddy is a really fun guy to be around - well, unless the Panthers are losing and he takes to Twitter to let out his frustrations (we’re looking at you @BillyM_91). Gotta say, I took Teddy up on his ‘Dopesick’ recommendation and it was spot on…listening to the podcast recommendation with Condi Rice later today.


Written in his own words…

📺 TV Show or Movie

Riveting and insightful mini-series about Purdue Pharma and the opioid crisis it helped spawn

🛒 Consumer Product

The June Oven is a countertop smart oven/air fryer/toaster/roaster/broiler/etc.. that makes cooking nearly idiot-proof, sort of like a Rec-Tec or Traeger but in the form of an oven. It comes with a touch screen and built-in camera that detects what type of food you're cooking.

Cooking Salmon? Just insert the built-in thermometer into the fish and click ‘cook’, then you’ll get a notification on your phone when your piece of salmon is ready and perfectly cooked. It's great for making easy dishes like fish, chicken, potatoes, vegetables, and more.

It comes with an app that provides great recipes to cook in your June Oven and it syncs with your phone, so you can do whatever you please while your food cooks, without having to really monitor it. It makes cooking pretty fun because it makes it easy and convenient.

📞 Phone App of Digital Product

FitBod is my go-to app for working out. It gives you a tailored and customized workout according to what you would like to do in the gym that day.

For example, if you want to work out your quads and hamstrings for 45 minutes, you simply plug that into FitBod and it will curate a leg work-out for you, providing weight, reps and videos on how to properly do each exercise.

It makes your workout much more structured and productive.

💪 Habit or Lifestyle Routine

I use the Ten Percent app to help guide me through a meditation practice. I try and do it 2-3 times a week and would like to do it 4-5 times a week eventually. I find myself much more present and in control of my thoughts and emotions after a meditation practice. It’s very helpful admist all the noise and distractions we face today.

📝 Content

Bari Weiss is a former NYT and WSJ journalist and does a great job interviewing really interesting people on interesting topics. One of my favorite podcasts I've ever listened to was her interview with Condoleezza Rice. It's a fascinating conversation about Rice's journey through life and how she became who she is today.

🥉 Honorable Mention

This supplement provides good bacteria that is essential for maintaining quality gut health, which in turn, helps improve our mental health.

🔌 The Plug

Would love to spread word about, which my mom helped start before she passed away this past October. The Lovebolt is fundamentally about harnessing the power of friendship to dissolve socially constructed differences and inspire change through education. She was very mindful about diversity and the importance of spending time with people who have different backgrounds / ethnicities than your own.

Thanks Teddy! Want to read additional 6 in 6 entries?

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