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I’m thankful to have both an incredible mother and a incredible wife who recently became a mother. Elizabeth is a super mom - she runs a business, moved cross-country with a 3 month old, and puts up with a husband who forces her to indulge his various side projects. Johnny (Jr.), Etta, and I can’t wait to celebrate you on Mother’s Day - we love you!

A special shoutout to Margaret Williams for setting us up on a blind date and Isaac Brown for divulging his secret ‘closing spot’ in Raleigh for our first date.


Written in her own words…

📺 TV Show or Movie

The characters in this movie are so good and it recently won three Oscars: Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Adapted Screenplay. It’s uplifting and perfect for a Friday night in with a bottle of wine. (Apple TV)

🛒 Consumer Product

I use these everyday - they are sharp and functional, and I don’t hate the way they look on our counter. Also plug for a wood cutting board over plastic.

📞 Phone App or Digital Product

I started out with a traditional monitor (without an app) but it had limited distance and had limited charge. My sister-in-law, Anna, recommended the Nanit and I’ve loved that I can remotely monitor my baby while he’s sleeping. The Nanit provides sleep scores that help me better plan his naps during the day. The video montages are also sweet and fun to watch. Well worth the baby monitor upgrade.

💪 Habit or Lifestyle Routine

Cleaning The Kitchen Before Bed

Because I find I have much better days when they don’t start off at 6AM with cleaning marinara sauce from dirty dishes left in the sink. (You know who you are)

📝 Content

“Mm-hmm, right”. If you know, then you know that Michael Barbaro and Sabrina Tavernise produce one of the most popular podcasts around, The Daily. Available each weekday, the team does a great job of making any subject they discuss compelling and interesting. Around 25 minutes an episode, its great for the morning commute or morning walk.

Bonus treat for the Barbaro fanboys - listen to a compilation h(y)mn from the man, the myth, the legend.

🥉 Honorable Mention

“Plant Based” sounds so much better than “vegan”, right? There are a plethora of great vegan menus that even my steak-loving husband enjoys. However, it does take a concerted effort to plan and to cook vegan. The app “mealime” has been a savior. You can specify any dietary preferences (not just for vegans!) and have the option to create a “perfect plan” with four meals using like ingredients to make meal planning and shopping more efficient.

🔌 The Plug

With Mother’s Day coming up, we’ve got you covered with the cards and the gifts to make sure mom gets the appreciation and love she deserves. We have two store locations, one in Greensboro and another in Raleigh.

Thanks Elizabeth!

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