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Don't Overthink It - "6 in 6," 6 Recommendations in 6 Minutes

What and Why

I really enjoy getting (and sharing) product, content, and habit recommendations. I know, nerd alert…Luckily, this marries nicely with my job at Activision and Call of Duty as a product manager, where I constantly look for recommendations to improve our Warzone esports products.

I’m reaching out to interesting and thoughtful people to see what they like and what they recommend. It's a great way to catch-up or meet new people, but selfishly, I also hope to benefit from your recommendations and potentially aggregate them together to extrapolate learnings.

I've reached out to 20+ people to get recommendations for the 6 categories below; I've asked them to try to limit the time they spend thinking on their recommendations to only 6 minutes, as I believe that the first thing that comes to mind is the most authentic.

Recommendation Categories

  1. 📺 - What to Watch

  2. 🛒 - Consumer Product

  3. 📞 - Phone App or Digital Product

  4. 👍 - Habit You Are Proud Of Or Habit You Are Working On

  5. 📜 - Content (e.g. Newsletter, Podcast, Book, Social Account)

  6. 🥉 - Honorable Mention or Recommendation that Defies the Above Categorization

Interested in Providing Recommendations?

Drop me a line at

Ramble On,


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