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How to Take Care of Dad on Father's Day.

Free, Paid, and Gag Gift Ideas.


Moms, I know what you are thinking. “Father’s day? What did he do to get his own day? You might also be thinking you’ve got him the perfect gift.

A tie.

While it’s perfectly acceptable to go buy a necktie from your local department store (even encouraged by some), this is the equivalent of getting make-up on Mother’s Day.

This is where I come in. And I feel more qualified to share my advice than I did on Mother’s Day. If you missed this blog post, we learned that childbirth for women can be likened to peeing out a golf ball for a man.

I digress. Back to making the dads in your life feel special. We are low maintenance. All we want is a $750 grill, a $1500 set of new golf clubs, and to sleep off a hangover until 11AM and not be bothered.

I’ve rambled long enough. Here are several ideas for you that are (A) Free (B) Gifts (C) Gags. Because…Dad Jokes.

Free Ideas for Dad

  • Sleep late and/or afternoon naps – even better if you give him ear plugs and an eye mask.

  • Make breakfast (and coffee!) - pancakes, bacon, chocolate know, the works

  • Free time (golf, reading, gaming, going to a game) – bonus points for including the family but give him the option for going with friends.

  • Back massage – no, not the 10 second half-hearted shoulder scrunch (you know what I am talking about), the 10 minute plus back massage.

  • No chores – let him shirk from taking out the trash and doing dishes

  • Playlist – make him feel known by putting together some of his favorite songs

Gifts For Dad

A collection from Rambull profiles:

Dad's that cook....

Dad's that stay on their feet....

Dad's that read and write....

Dad's random stuff that was also highly recommended

Lastly, a few ideas from me:

  • Varies but cheap, a nice photo of the baby(ies) for his wallet - I like using MPIX, its cheap, fast and reliable. Order Here.

  • $69, Collard Shirt from Vuori - I really like this brand mainly because it doesn't have much of a visible brand and it is high quality. These are perfect for the summer given they are light weight and can whisk away sweat. Throwing some shade (at myself too) as collard shirts with a country club logo are kinda douchey.

  • $70, Bucket of Refurbed ProV1s - Dad is gonna loose a lot of golf balls this summer.

  • $147, Grillers Delight from Snake River Farms - several sustainably raised meats sent directly to dad.

Gag Gifts for Dad

Maybe its because I don't want to believe I've grown up or because I'm immature. However, gag gifts are cheap, funny, and dad friendly.

Enjoy Father's Day! And moms, let me know if this helped?

Lastly - a special shoutout to my Dad. He is the person I look up to most as I admire his values and his selflessness, It was a no-brainer to name my son after him. I love you Dad!

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