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Lose The 'Tude Dude

Personal Trainer + Fitness Professional, Find Your Altitude

What makes Addy interesting

  • She came highly recommended to get her recommendations…recommended for recommendations…nice (PS if you have people you think I should talk to, let me know!)

  • She’s started her own personal training business and if you are looking for the inspiration to get in shape, consider this to be it! The Dad Bod energy is pulling me in….help me Addy!

  • I pulled this off her website - “A genuine soul. Addy radiates a positive energy that is contagious, and when you're around her, your mood is instantly elevated.” Woah…

  • Lastly, I think this is her life / business motto “ATTITUDE DETERMINES YOUR ALTITUDE”…so lose the ‘tude dude


Written in her own words…

📺 TV Show or Movie

Ted Lasso

A show that will bring you joy + challenge you to see life from a lighter + brighter perspective.

🛒 Consumer Product

25 grams of protein. Vegan + tastes good and not chalky. A ton of people don't get enough protein in the day and this is a great snack, smoothie addition etc.!

📞 Phone App or Digital Product

Holds you accountable with your workouts if you are doing a workout on your own/ in the gym. You set working times and rest times.

💪 Habit or Lifestyle Routine

Checking social media 3 times a day with intentional time instead of just scrolling mindlessly throughout the day.

📝 Content

Incredible science based book that clears up a lot of myths around fat loss etc. A great read!

🥉 Honorable Mention

Follow @jamessmithpt + @bdccarpenter on Instagram

The provide science based content on strength training, fat loss, etc. They bust a lot of myths and simply fitness + nutrition related content!

🔌 The Plug

Follow FindYourAltitude on Instagram or TikTok for free fitness, nutrition, and gym tips!

Thanks Addy!

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