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Phone Apps or Digital Products | "6 in 6" Q1 2022

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Sharing the top Phone App recommendations that I've either personally vetted or plan to watch:

Recommended Multiple Times

  • Pocket - ever find a cool article or webpage but don't have enough time to immediately read through it? Pocket lets you save it and come back to read at another time. I am using this a lot and love it....

Cool update (s/o Trevor H), there is a website called that will send you printed copies of the articles you saved to Pocket for those of you who are trying to limit your screen time.

  • Headspace - I thought the most unique application was from Will Stewart who said the he uses it with his kids who really enjoy it and helps calm them down.

Recommendations I Plan To Personally Review

  • Fitbod - this app asks you to fill out your workout goals, enter in what equipment you have available at home and then creates custom work outs for you that use AI learning to increase the intensity of the workouts overtime

  • Letterboxd - Sold by John Benjamin's reasoning behind the recommendation "There's a paradox of choice in picking stuff to watch. With infinite options, we still wind up on the hamster wheel of whatever new jungle-robot-sports dramedy starring The Rock that Netflix has churned out. The Letterboxd app is your antidote -- a fun and funny mix of Reddit, Rotten Tomatoes, and a movie inventory system."

  • Canva - photoshop for dummies

Recommendations Vetted By Myself

  • Waking Up - I'm interested in learning more about Stoicism, as its been recommended in several forms by multiple people (note that I've used Headspace and Calm but never been able to get meditation to fully stick)

  • Genius Scan - I use a competitor 'Tiny Scan' but echo Richard in that its very helpful to have your phone be able to scan important documents so that you can declutter

  • Curb - allows you to pay yellow cab taxi's by entering in their number on your app; crazy how everything has come full circle, its too hard to get an Uber at LAX so I only use Taxi's now....

Want the rest of the 200-250 recommendations? Send an email with this site URL copied and CC '' and I will send you access to the full google doc below.

Ramble On,


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