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Recommendations for Mother's Day | Take Care of Mom

Peeing out a Golf ball.

Yikes! That is what the pain of child birth has been compared to for men.

Don't believe me? There is a company that enables men to experience the pain of childbirth. If you swing and miss on Mother's Day, I’m sure your mom would gladly set you up.

Let’s save the golf balls for the golf course by making sure we take care of the Moms during Mother’s Day on May 8th.

Table Stakes for Mother’s Day

  • Write Her a Letter – handwritten and on nice stationery or a card. [Buy here]

  • Flowers – if you don’t already know your baby momma’s favorite local florist, no time like the present - ask her now.

  • Sleep – let her sleep in and make sure you take on the kid duties in the morning

  • Kid(s) – this is your day to be the one changing diapers, entertaining, and feeding

  • MIL - call your Mother-in-Law to let her know how thankful you are for raising a woman who is an incredible person and mother to your children

For the Dad's Already In The Doghouse and Need to Step it Up

  • Car Cleaning – get her car washed and clean the inside [I recently used Spiffy, they come to your house and it was straightforward and affordable]

  • Brunch – reserve a table in advance or be in charge of cooking and cleaning at home

  • Wine – upgrade her from Whispering Angel [I recommend Sea Smoke, which you should be able to get from Total Wine]

  • Gifts – jewelry, spa day, slippers, robe, framed family photo….. [This is expensive but ya, you'll win the day - same with this]

Moms, now don’t you forget about us on June 22nd. You can make tee times for your baby daddy using this site.

S/O to my mom and to my babby momma - I love you both! 😘

Are you a mother reading this? Do yourself a favor and forward it to your baby daddy.

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