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An Incredible Writer and World Traveler

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

John Benjamin

Business Operations at Correlation One

John is an extremely gifted writer and thinker who originally hails from Houston, Texas. While John is now based in New York City, he is more likely to be found adding another country to his passport. I love getting John's advice and recommendations because he's very thoughtful and empathetic, sharing perspective that typically helps me better think through an approach or challenge. As an undergrad at UVA he was published in the Virginia Law Review and remains passionate about politics, often supporting grassroots programs. I can just as easily picture him as a professor sitting outside the library at a prestigious institution as a lawmaker sitting outside the steps to Congress. You've got my vote.


John's 6 Recommendations in 6 Minutes

Written in his own words

📺 What to Watch: The Lives of Others [Movie]

There are a lot of great movies everyone knows about even if they haven't seen them. The Lives of Others is a little more under the radar (the movie's in German) -- a slow burn thriller with a kind of deep and unflinching ethical core. I think it's a masterpiece, and I say this as a viewer who doesn't tilt to its ideology.

🛒 Consumer Product: Roomba j7+ Vacuum

I recently got a Robot Roomba j7+. It's nice having a pet around.

📞 Phone App: Letterboxd

There's a paradox of choice in picking stuff to watch. With infinite options, we still wind up on the hamster wheel of whatever new jungle-robot-sports dramedy starring The Rock that Netflix has churned out. The Letterboxd app is your antidote -- a fun and funny mix of Reddit, Rotten Tomatoes, and a movie inventory system.

👍 Habit You Are Proud Of or Habit That You Are Working On:

What's more cliche than saying the pandemic has forced us to rethink ways to connect? But the pandemic has forced us to rethink ways to connect.

Since I work remote and (like all of you) feel busy, I've started to book standing calls with a rotating set of friends, mostly during Friday lunch. It's nothing fancy, but a good way to break the often stilted way we reconnect with people we care about far away.

📜 Content: How to Live by Sarah Bakewell [Book]

My favorite historical figure is probably Montaigne -- a genius who never makes you feel stupid. Before you read his essays, or even if you've read them many times, I'd hand you Sarah Bakewell's friendly exploration of the guy who invented posting.

🥉 Honorable Mention or Recommendation that Defies the Above Categorization:

Can I be more pretentious? Here goes, the first poem rec in 6-in-6 history. Spend 1 minute on "Those Winter Sundays".

Thank you for your recommendations John!

Have suggestions on others to profile - drop me a line.

Ramble On,


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