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The Family Oriented, Ecommerce Guru

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Richard Seabrook

Ecommerce at Onward Reserve

Richard is my high school roommate (3 years of living together in a 250 sq ft room!) and remains one of my closest friends. I admire him for his values, his ability to remain even-keeled in tense situations, and his intelligence. He is the father to Beth and husband to Ansley. Recently, we've started meeting every Tuesday night for what we call our "Cool Sh*t" hour to bounce off interesting ideas (side recommendation - I encourage you to do this with your friends, this has been a highlight and was the genesis of this site). In high school, Richard was not only researching and buying stocks but he kept a yellow legal pad list of business ideas that ran into the hundreds. Don't worry, he wasn't always a nerd and threw a beach weekend party many of us will never forget and that his parents likely wish never happened. He currently runs ecommerce for Onward Reserve - check out their site!

Note that I've paraphrased some of Richard's comments below each recommendation

📺 What to Watch: TV Show, The Boys on Amazon Prime

  • Refreshing take on how super heroes might actually behave in contrast to how they are portrayed by Marvel

🛒 Consumer Product: Two Recs: (1) Shockz Headphones (2) Myles Shorts

  • Trek: They fit over your ear, as opposed to in the ear. Use them every day for walking the dog and in the car (drives a 2006 Pathfinder with no aux cord)

  • Myles Shorts: Everyday shorts, own them in 6 different colors – the pockets are great as items don’t bounce in them when you are moving quick

📞 Phone App: Two Recs: (1) Castro (2) Genius Scan

  • Castro: Huge fan of podcasts and like a variety of podcast programs; however, don’t want to listen to every show from each program, and the app allows you to selectively pick the shows you do want to listen to and download to your phone

  • Genius Scan: allows you to scan important documents and upload to your computer / cloud so you can feel good about disposing and decluttering

👍 Habit You Are Proud Of or Habit That You Are Working On: Two: (1) No phones in bed (2) Trying to give my ‘best’ hour of work to myself

  • No phones in bed: if I have my phone in bed, waste a lot of time ‘doomscrolling’ twitter and the internet and not doing anything of real value; counterproductive

  • Best hour of work to myself: Not all hours are the same from a productivity standpoint and I want to give the best hour(s) to myself and personal projects

📜 Content: Newsletter - Stratechery by Ben Thompson

  • Ben Thompson is a genius and excellent at thinking through topics and is able to articulate his thoughts with high density value writing

🥉 Honorable Mention or Recommendation that Defies the Above Categorization: Do what makes you happy and don’t worry about the financial repercussions so long as it doesn’t wreck your savings

  • Previously worried about how much money was being spent on daily Starbucks. However, realized that the walk to Starbucks, which included walking the dog and the quality of the coffee was a real source of happiness and didn’t really cost much relative to salary. Therefore, was better to ‘forgive’ / ‘allow’ himself to enjoy the Starbucks each day.

Thank you for the recommendations Richard!

Want the rest of the 200-250 recommendations? Send an email with this site URL copied and CC '' and I will send you access to the full google doc below.

Ramble On, Rob

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