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The Jill of All Trades

Six recommendations in 6 minutes

Meg Houghton

Interior Design for Studio LIFE/STYLE

The Jill of all Trades, really does it all. An interior designer by trade who lives in Los Angeles, Meg is the mom of two beautiful kids, manages Pierce Brosnan’s Malibu house (yes, James Bond, and yes the house is Bond inspired), and is married to “Captain Cool” (see his 6 in 6). She is also has a serious side hustle game - she was an early adopter of Turo renting out the family Telsa and given how well designed her house in Venice she often rents it out for photoshoots.

Lastly, plugging Laughing Pony Rescue for Meg - A nonprofit she is passionate about that focuses on saving horses before feedlots (slaughterhouses).


Written in her own words…

📺 TV Show or Movie

A fascinating true-life documentary on triplets separated at birth and raised by three different families. The kicker, none of them knew about it. There is a plethora of real content, spun together creating a suspenseful story. Your jaw will drop. Mrs. Doubtfire (Obligated; I’m taking on the management of Pierce Brosnan's Malibu home). Mrs. Doubtfire fits all my checklists for a go-to movie, the first being: a coming-of-age theme. I love storytelling with a focus on an adolescents's mental, emotional, and personal character growth. Pair that with family dynamics, humor and love; you have me hooked for 1.5 hours.

Side note - Meg also really wants 1883. “I’m so into it and Tim McGraw is the best damn cowboy I’ve ever seen.” Sally Close, where you at?

🛒 Consumer Product

The joy this product gives me makes it worth the price. I work in design and can not believe we have lived with ugly TVs. The Frame TV has changed the overall feel of my house while still offering a practical use, unlike an antique chair. I started with one small one for a gallery wall and a few months later got a second 75”. I absolutely love seeing the artwork that sparks emotions and can alter the vibe of my rooms in an instance. When different guests come over, I enjoy picking out personalized art, just like you would a music playlist. The Frame TV offers me personal touches, sleek design, and practical use.

📞 Phone App of Digital Product


If you know me, then you know I never pass up information. My Whoop app is the first thing I check in the morning. I fill out a personalized journal log every day with the objective that Whoop analyses my health and habits. For example, Whoop may report to me, "You reach 35% deeper sleep on nights you log that you've slept with a noise machine." I love being competitive with myself regarding my health, strain (IYKYK) and sleep.

💪 Habit or Lifestyle Routine


I keep my topic extremely narrow so that it is approachable. I started a pregnancy journal where I shared with myself statistics such as weight, baby’s weight, symptoms, and appointments. I enjoyed it so much, now that I am no longer pregnant, I keep a journal for each of my kids. I share what they have mastered recently, their schedules, my favorite moments, and I attach images. You wouldn’t believe how often I refer to these journals! When you are sleep-deprived and handling all of life, the journal and referencing the logs, helps me lock in memories. I also enjoy the exercise of pointing out the differences between my pregnancy and my children.

📝 Content

Attachment theory, aka an emotional bond with another person, was first written about in the 1900s with a focus on the infant/caregiver relationship, today it is a trending science for adult romantic relationships. From my movie selection, you know emotional health and growth fascinate me. This book makes it fun!

🥉 Honorable Mention

I do not start my day without this product. I get all the joys of what feels like a real coffee through the textured nitro brewed froth, at my bedside table (thanks hubby) each morning. If you are a fan of oat milk, this is for you. It is delicious.

Thanks Meg! Want to read additional 6 in 6 entries?

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