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The Richmond Yoga Entrepreneur

Jane Ellington

Founder & Instructor @The Yoga Shed

How many times have we all heard “do what you love”? How many people do we know that have committed to pursuing what they love and have been successful at it? Well, for me, I immediately think of Jane Ellington. Jane decided to parlay her love for yoga and helping others into her full time career and business, the Yoga Shed. I’ve had the pleasure of using both her online videos and in-person instruction and can genuinely say that she is a great instructor! It is easy to see why her private lessons are fully booked. If you are fortunate to take a class with Jane either in person or online, make sure to look out for her husband Tom (one of my best friends) and their dog Gigi, who both make plenty of cameos.


Jane's 6 Recommendations in 6 Minutes

Written in her own words

📺 What to Watch:

Euphoria on HBO. The character development paired with the cinematography

make Euphoria one of the best shows I've seen in years.

🛒 Consumer Product:

I got a Dyson Airwrap for Christmas and I truly believe it has eliminated the need for a professional blowout.

📞 Phone App:

Maybe Euphoria tipped you off that I'm obsessed with Gen Z, but TikTok is my favorite App du jour. It's like reading your younger sister (or brother's) journal version of the internet. People are so creative and it daily puts me in awe of the way people's minds work and what the imagination can produce.

👍 Habit You Are Proud Of or Habit That You Are Working On:

Star Chart

Every week I draw out a chart (photo below) of the essential things I need to do everyday to be a happy, healthy, highest version of myself. But then I make it feel like first grade again and give myself a gold star for every task I complete. When you add up your stars at the end of the week you can grade yourself and see if you got an A, A-, B+ week. And those weeks that I feel like shit, I usually realize I haven't done enough gold star things...and I can look to my gold star list as tactical steps to take to change the week around.

📜 Content:


Armchair Expert: Dax and Monica aren’t afraid to “go there.” They speak openly and vulnerably which allows their guests (including everyone from Barack Obama to Gwyneth Paltrow) to do the same.

Tim Ferris: Tim Ferris takes his job seriously and it shows in the quality of his podcasts. They are sometimes 2-3 hours long and he paints a deep biography of most of his Guests. I always feel smarter after listening to Tim.

The Skinny Confidential: Him & Her: TSC is snappy and to the point. Husband and wife duo give it a nice balance of a male/female perspective on topics with a sense of humor.

Pulling The Thread (by the old Goop podcast host): I used to love the Goop podcast (and yes I love Gwyneth Paltrow) but when the host left the show my loyalties lay with Elise Lohenen. Elise is thoughtful, asks great questions, and has a really nice voice.

🥉 Honorable Mention or Recommendation that Defies the Above Categorization:

Meditation & Therapy

Last year I added both to my life and they have helped me expand past my limiting beliefs ten-fold. There's still (and always will be) a lot of "work" to do, but I have noticed my anxiety levels are way lower, I'm a lot kinder to myself, and I've learned to be a better friend, wife, daughter, colleague. I find I become more aware of what I need to talk about in therapy during meditation so I feel that the combo has been extremely effective.

Thank you for your recommendations John!

Have suggestions on others to profile - drop me a line.

Keeping Rambulling,


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