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Watch to Watch | Q1 2022, "6 in 6"

Sharing the top 5 recommendations that I've either personally vetted or plan to watch:

Recommended Multiple Times

  • Yellowstone, TV Series on Peacock - "Compelling action and storylines"

  • Succession, TV Series on HBO Max - "A more intelligent Yellowstone"

  • Euphoria, TV Series of HBO Max - "Very well produced; I'll have a better sense of what my kids will go through," Jane

Recommendations I Plan To Personally Review

  • Dopesick, TV Series on Hulu - "very well done - riveting and insightful. It’s about Purdue Pharma and the opioid crisis it helped spawn"

  • For All Mankind, TV Series on AppleTV - "Historical fiction in which it follows astronauts and life in American where the Russians beat us to space. Similar to Man in the High Tower"

Recommendations Vetted By Myself

  • The Social Network, Movie on Amazon ($) - Great acting and characters, very interesting to learn more about Mark Zuckerberg especially as he starts to build the Metaverse. I hate re-watching movies, but loved re-watching this...timely.

  • Dr. Death, TV Series of Peacock - Great thriller that is based on a true story, a wild and sad story that kept getting crazier. I was hooked.

Want the rest of the 200-250 recommendations? Send an email with this site URL copied and CC '' and I will send you access to the full google doc below.

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