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Why Did I Start This Site?

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

To get mocked my buddies. No, not that reason, although I am sure I will take some well deserved heat with this project from time to time. But the real goal is to start inching towards a path of being an entrepreneur.

I'm guessing similar to many of my peers (including the ones who may mock me for putting myself out here like this) have the entrepreneurial itch. One day I want to finally scratch it by going through the paces of planning and launching my own business.

A few years back, I started keeping a list of business ideas as they came to me, good or bad. They range from overly ambitious, like a VR application that lets you try out your seat in an airplane, stadium, or concert before purchasing a ticket; relatively stupid, a contact lens that acts as a blackout shade; to potentially actionable in small steps, a product and advice recommendation platform.

With this site, I'd like to have a platform to ramble, to share my ideas, to test certain concepts in a quick, cheap, and hopefully safe manner, as well as to potentially get connected with others who are looking to pursue entrepreneurial ideas in my similar areas of interest (media and entertainment, sports, retail, brand).

My first project on the site is called "6 in 6" or "6 Recommendations in 6 Minutes". 6 in 6 is a set of curated recommendations from interesting people in my network. I love getting and giving recommendations, and I have thoroughly enjoyed interviewing people for this series. I think folks that take the time to read, will come away with some actionable recommendations to incorporate into their daily lives and routines.

I'd really love to hear what you think and get connected if you want to go in depth on anything I share. Thanks for reading.

Ramble On,


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