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Where did the name come from? 

I love getting and sharing recommendations. When I find something that truly resonates, like a new product or TV show I can 'ramble' on and on about it. Thus 'rambull' is a play on the word 'ramble'. My wife is a UNC Tarheel and their mascot is a Ram. I met her when I was a Duke grad student (gasp!) living in Durham, North Carolina, known as the 'Bull' city....Ram + Bull = ramble.

Who am I?

My name is Rob. I am in my early thirties and my wife and I have a newborn baby boy. After spending time in Los Angeles, we moved back to North Carolina where I work remotely as a esports product manager for Call of Duty.


My personal passions are my family, faith, outdoor activities, and Carolina Panthers and Virginia Cavaliers.

Why did I start Ramble?

I love getting and finding quality recommendations that improve my daily life. I want to reach out to interesting people and share their favorite recommendations with you. 

Thanks for taking the time to browse the site, please pass along any feedback or recommendations you may have for others.

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